Frank Cetera has lived in Syracuse’s Northside, Eastside, and currently the Westside - where he’s known to neighbors and colleagues for his ability to accomplish a lot with a little.  

Screen_Shot_2015-06-29_at_12.32.52_AM.pngBesides running for office because I care, I am also running because I will be able to take my accomplishments at the community level and building upon them at the city level.

Never afraid to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty, Frank has lead the transformation of four unused Syracuse green spaces into productive fruit and vegetable gardens with the Alchemical Nursery, the non-profit he founded after earning his Masters in Forestry at SUNY-ESF. And Whether he’s leading snow-shoveling brigades with Westside Walks, securing funding for the neighborhood Adopt-a-Trashcan program, organizing educational events such as the two-time NY Cooperative Business Conference here in Syracuse, or representing his fellow workers as Professional Administrator Union Steward at Onondaga Community College and the Greater Syracuse Labor Council,

– Frank is a tireless advocate for community building and cooperation.

I've also got experience in the very important fields of community finance, business development and entrepreneurship, and project management.

Frank has a proven record of economic development through his day job as a New York State Senior Small-Business Advisor.  As peer-elected Board President at Cooperative Federal Credit Union, Frank is an active promoter of community finance for working families and local businesses.  Over the past two years, Frank has served as Vice-Chair in helping create the rebirth of the city's Tomorrows Neighborhoods Today program, now an independent non-profit organization, where he has has served as Committee Chair in leading the strategic planning process.

Frank Cetera is committed to policies that will create A SYRACUSE THAT WORKS. The goal of city government must be to end poverty and create opportunities for all families to have a dignified life – with living wage jobs, fully funded schools and a responsive city government.   

A Syracuse That Works means many things to me -

"I will be a leader in creating A CITY GOVERNMENT THAT WORKS well with each other as a governing body and with the residents, and that takes initiative in developing policy that is relevant and forward-thinking like my sidewalk municipalization proposal that will remove the high individual burden placed on residents with a shared solution for this shared infrastructure that is so important for our children as they walk to school, our residents as they walk to work, and our neighbors as they walk to shop for groceries and other necessities. I will also work to provide increased access to Council proceedings through a live streaming system in chambers. I look forward to working under incoming Council President Helen Hudson as she has proactively reached out and regularly communicated with me as a community and political leader following the 2015 election.

I will be a leader in creating A RELATIONSHIP THAT WORKS between our city, and the county and state, to facilitate worthwhile and well-thought out proactive economic development and shared prosperity without public bickering, such as changing from a regressive property tax to a progressive income tax - we want and need employees from the greater Syracuse metropolitan area to work in our city, and we will expect them to carry the shared responsibility of public infrastructure that supports their employers and jobs;

and lastly I will be a leader in creating A COMMUNITY THAT WORKS by increasing job opportunities through cooperative and worker-owned business development, increased workforce training, hiring policies that favor city residents, and short-term “CityWorks” placements for city beautification - such as trash pick-up - that will act as an employment pipeline to getting our residents gainfully employed. I will also increase the breadth and effectiveness of the Tomorrows Neighborhoods Today organization that will provide an increased voice for every resident, employee, business owner, and landowner in Syracuse, thus creating an informed and knowledgeable base of residents who can work with our elected officials in a positive way."

With your help we can elect the first Green to the Syracuse City Council, Frank Cetera, a community activist with a proven record of achievement and cooperation. Don't wait, participate. No more talk, take action with Frank.  Join our campaign team by signing up to volunteer and by making a donation today.

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