6 weeks left! A major endorsement from CSEA and other campaign news.

Last night I received the great news that CSEA Region 5 (Civil Service Employee Association) endorsed my candidacy for 2nd District City Councilor. I am humbled and gratified that my commitment – and your commitment – to justice for working men and women is acknowledged by this union representing Syracuse's public workers.

We have exactly six weeks left till Election Day and it's safe to say that the momentum is growing quickly. Please donate so that we have the resources needed to effectively communicate with voters in the final weeks of this campaign. 


We continue to hear many stories from our district neighbors about slumlords being a major issue of concern. As I was surveying vacant and crumbling homes while canvassing on Delaware St recently, a gentleman out on his porch asked if I worked for the city, and shouted that they should “tear it down”.  I thought he was referring to the house two doors away that was being overtaken by trees and shrub growth.  But no, he was talking about the home he himself lived in, with a list of dangerous code violations, where he was trapped living paycheck to paycheck and a landlord who would neither make the necessary repairs nor give back the security deposit and last month’s rent to enable him to move. This scenario is replaying itself across the city of Syracuse.

Our housing isn't safe, our communities are being held hostage by absentee owners and landlords, and our neighbors are lacking the opportunity to work and provide for their own well-being - all while $3 million is planned to be spent on the renovations of a downtown plaza by another non-resident contractor with non-resident employees who will suck the wealth straight out of Syracuse into their capitalist coffers. This is the harsh reality today's political leaders are creating. 

I remember when Perseverance Park served many people well as a public space during the Occupy movement.  I remember Park(ing) Day being a big draw in Syracuse when fun, activated public spaces were created out of metered parking spots.  I relish in the time that I and others have spent turning a ⅕-acre plot of grass on South Salina St into a thriving and productive free food forest.  All of these uses for a tiny fraction of the $3 million price tag set for downtown’s new elite park, while over 50% of our children still live in poverty only 4-5 blocks away.

Yesterday was the best time to donate to my campaign but today is good, too. Andtomorrow, your support will bring me into city hall carrying our collective voice for dignity and a Syracuse that works for #AllofUs, where the other city councilors are quiet.

We've been engaging with a very incensed public, registering dozens of new voters between the Westcott Street Fair and tabling outside of Nojaim’s market for National Voter Registration Day. And on top of all that, we crossed the 200 signature mark from our campaign canvassing for the Urban Jobs Task Force resident jobs ordinance. 

I had many people come up to me at the Westcott Street Fair and at the Butternut/Pond Northside TNT Task Force this week, proclaiming that they would vote for me.  But many of you do not live in my district which is why I need you tomake a donation and to sign up to volunteer.  Come walk these streets with me, see the pain and the distress, and you’ll never be the same.  Please donate today before September 28th which is the next Board of Elections reporting deadline. Every little bit counts.

For Dignity,

Frank Cetera

PS: Sign up to volunteer here and our Volunteer Coordinator Simone will get back to you shortly. This week we are most in need of phonebankers and doorknockers - don't wait, participate! 

PPS: Since you've read to the end, here's a pic of me on the Green Tricycle at the Westcott Fair, just so you know we're having lots of fun while working hard!


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