#OccupyMonsanto and Your #RightToKnow

A Note from the Candidate:

Thank you so much for coming out to the Spring 2015 Syracuse March Against Monsanto and amplifying our voice for labeling GMOs and our Right To Know what is in the food we eat, that we feed our families and friends, and that is served in our communities!

I am the only Syracuse City Council candidate who is publicly speaking up for our demands.  And I need your support.

Once I hold the 2nd District Seat, one of my first actions will be to sponsor a resolution from the City in support of the GMO labeling bill in New York State.  

After that, I will work without compromise to ensure that any food served to our children in public schools, and to any visitors who eat at concessions in public buildings or businesses who have received tax benefits from the City, is organic and grown without GMO ingredients.

I'll also work with the Chair of the Healthy Syracuse Youth Wellness Committee, and the head of the Syracuse City School District's Food Services program Annette Marchbanks to bring full health equity to our youth.  This will be done through nutritious menus, healthy vending machine offerings, removing junk food advertising, and increasing the quality of food education and home economics classes in our schools.

Please make a contribution today at http://votecetera-syracusegreens.nationbuilder.com/donate

Every dollar helps as we begin spending money on outreach and volunteer support.  Every donation sends a message.  Every time you share this request or tell your friends about our campaign, you build the movement.

Frank Cetera, Syracuse City Council Green Party Candidate

p.s. After you put that check in the mail, why not cook some great kids food recipes from the world-famous chef and healthy food in schools activist Jamie Oliver with your family today!

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