Black Lives Matter Syracuse Election Guide

Addressing poverty, policing, health and internet, BLM Syracuse asks you take a few minutes to read "this short election guide for the Nov. 7th election in Syracuse because it will have serious and potentially devastating impacts on people of color in our city, especially those of us who face regular threats, intimidation, harassment, and abuse by local law enforcement and the criminal justice system."

Excerpt: "

In this city when a Black or Brown person, a poor person, or a disabled person dials 911, they have absolutely no assurance that they will be served or protected. In many cases, they become the suspect of a crime and the victim of more violence. And the officers who commit these acts of violence meet no accountability.

Under these circumstances, it is outrageous to even consider hiring more police officers to the Syracuse Police Department.

Yet, Ben WalshJuanita Perez Williams, Laura Lavine, Joseph DriscollQuante Wright and Norm Synder have all called for hiring more police.

Howie Hawkins, Frank Cetera and Serena Rahzie Seals think that city resources could be better used on addressing the root causes of crimes and on care workers in the city."


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