2nd District Month in Review: December 2015

10348624_10207577027319931_5762861756638695355_n.jpgAs we enter the New Year, we have much to celebrate and much to be done. We’re still looking at the 2015 Election Day results and making analysis from it all to help us plan better for next time.  One interesting fact is that from the Board of Elections July Periodic Report until the 27-Day Post-Election report, my opponent Chad Ryan received $13,385.00 from 116 individual donations; and although we came up shorter than that in total at $8,097.00, our total individual donations were 150 in number, so thank you everyone who contributed, even the smallest amount! Your show of support is empowering and inspiring.

Here is my December Month in Review update towards continuing to build a Syracuse that works for #AllOfUs.


RYAN WATCH (is your 2nd District Councilor working for you?):



    • 2015 was a big year for our local Green Party. Citywide, more people cast votes for our Green candidates than in any previous election. Green Party activists and recent candidates are continuing work on the issues that were important to our 2015 campaigns, such as school funding, local job creation, sidewalk maintenance, and making Syracuse a city for #AllOfUs. Join us on January 11th to hear about what is coming up in 2016 and to talk with local Green Party activists about ways you can get involved with local organizing for people, peace, and planet.
    • Kickoff the new #Syracuse #TNT with me, the rest of the Citywide TNT Directors, and special guests. Make your voices heard in the future of planning our city!  City Hall Commons Atrium, 201 East Washington Street.  Meet the new Citywide TNT Director Tina Zagyva, a resident of the Near Westside. 




Month in Review November 2015

frank__hips.JPGCan you believe it has already been one month since Election Day 2015?  We can’t either, because we’ve done so much in such a small amount of time since then.  Here is an update towards continuing to build a Syracuse that works for #AllOfUs.


RYAN WATCH (is your 2nd District Councilor working for you?):


Reject COR’s Application to OCIDA

Thanks to my friend KC for the following summary of the OCIDA (Onondaga County Industrial Development Agency) COR tax break application for Inner Harbor developments:

"COR had been working with SIDA (Syracuse Industrial Development Agency) but, due to not agreeing with a recent assessment value of its property, decided to take its PILOT to OCIDA instead of staying loyal to SIDA. The effect of this ... Our City's resources will still have to respond to COR's property with public safety, infrastructure and engineering needs, but the City will not be receiving property taxes, it will be the County that receives the taxes. The city will be then given a currently undetermined amount of money from those taxes the County receives. Also associated with this is that, currently 42% of the City's property tax dollars go to SCSD (Syracuse City School District). So, in a way, COR is hurting our children by going to OCIDA."

Please contact the OCIDA Board Members and demand they decline COR's application for tax relief at the Inner Harbor development projects.

OCIDA Board Members

Dan Queri, Chair, dqueri@queridevco.com

Jessica Crawford, jcrawford@medtech.org

Victor Ianno

Janice Herzog, jmherzog@syr.edu

Lisa Dell, lisadellforcountyclerk@gmail.com

Patrick Hogan , oldstodg@hotmail.com

Steve Morgan , SteveMorgan@ongov.net

Donna DeSiato , superintendent@esmschools.org

Mike Allen

Letters can be sent to the following physical address:

Onondaga County Industrial Development Agency, 333 W. Washington Street, Suite 130, Syracuse, NY 13202


On tuesday December 1st, multiple city groups and residents came out to speak against COR's application to OCIDA. However, no board members or COR representatives were there to hear the community’s concerns. Now, the OCIDA board will be voting on COR's application on December 15th, join us in standing up for Syracuse!







For Dignity ~ Frank

Reject COR's Application to OCIDA

Dear OCIDA Board members, Executive Mahoney, and Chairman McMahon,
Please reject the COR application for Inner Harbor tax breaks from OCIDA.  First, the City of Syracuse has an independent IDA whose territory and autonomy of decision making may be respected.  Second, the loss of tax dollars to a private for-profit development, who has already received numerous tax and purchase benefits from the city, will go a long way towards the City's continued struggle with poverty and segregation, please don't let that be on your hands.  Third, COR has not committed to any detailed and formal local hiring plan or community benefit agreement, and are unwilling to see themselves as part of the fabric of our city, rather, as an outside developer intent on sucking as much capital from our city fabric as possible.


Lastly, it was a true scavenger hunt to find all of the email addresses for the OCIDA members, please don't make it this hard for residents to communicate with you.  Your email addresses should be listed on your webpage.  After all the searching, we were still unable to find email addresses for Mike Allen, Victor Ianno, and Joania Mahoney, so please forward this message to them.  In addition, why is there not a single group email address for the OCIDA Board to simplify communications, centralize them so we know everyone receives public communication attempts, and look more professional?



Frank Cetera, Green Party 2nd District Syracuse

Thanks to my friend KC for the following summary of the OCIDA (Onondaga County Industrial Development Agency) COR tax break application for Inner Harbor developments:

COR had been working with SIDA (Syracuse Industrial Development Agency) but, due to not agreeing with a recent assessment value of its property, decided to take its PILOT to OCIDA instead of staying loyal to SIDA. The effect of this ... Our City's resources will still have to respond to COR's property with public safety, infrastructure and engineering needs, but the City will not be receiving property taxes, it will be the County that receives the taxes. The city will be then given a currently undetermined amount of money from those taxes the County receives. Also associated with this is that, currently 42% of the City's property tax dollars go to SCSD (Syracuse City School District). So, in a way, COR is hurting our children by going to OCIDA.

Please contact the OCIDA Board Members and demand they decline COR's application for tax relief at the Inner Harbor development projects.

OCIDA Board Members

Dan Queri, Chair 

Jessica Crawford 

Victor Ianno

Janice Herzog

Lisa Dell

Patrick Hogan 

Steve Morgan 

Donna DeSiato 

Mike Allen

Letters can be sent to the following physical address:
Onondaga County Industrial Development Agency
333 W. Washington Street, Suite 130
Syracuse, NY 13202

Our Accomplishments from Election 2015

No small thing we did. Here’s some quick thoughts on what we accomplished:


  1. More people than ever before, by far, decided to vote for a Green Party candidate to represent them in the 2nd District with our vote tally of 413 (just under 21% of total votes cast). Every vote cast for my candidacy on the Green line was a conscious vote that we earned, unlike the “party-line” voters who will vote straight down the D or R line. We won these votes by reaching out and having conversations one-on-one with people about a vision for economic justice in our city. 

  2. I carried my home Ward Election District 8-3, which is the portion of the Near Westside where I live, by a vote tally of 23 to 22 to 11. Unfortunately, we did not succeed in mobilizing the vast majority of voters to participate in this year’s election. According to Board of Elections data, there are 414 registered voters in this Ward Election District.  District wide, only 20% of eligible voters cast votes for the Council position.

  3. We raised just over $10,000 from near and far, that is a significant showing of support, and we needed every penny of it. We are deeply appreciative of every dollar you donated. Thank you.

  4. Our Green Party line received the second highest amount of votes. The Republican candidate Maryrose Angelo needed FOUR ballot lines to come in second, and beat us, barely.  

  5. Screen_Shot_2015-08-11_at_9.34.07_AM.pngOur team impressed many people with our professionalism, skill-set, values, and hard work. The cheers have been coming in continuously through email and in-person from community activists, political observers and the media.

  6. We had a good time! Collecting signatures door to door with the Urban Jobs Task Force, walking the neighborhoods of the city with our first campaign door hanger, dancing on Halloween...we put the social in social movement. :) (on the right that's Billy, Ursula and Henry, campaigning at a summer festival.  

So what comes next? Deepening relationships and continuing to do the real grassroots work that creates opportunities for #AllOfUs to live lives of dignity. Yes we’ll need funds to help do this. As always, if you can contribute please do.  I ask that you sign up to make a recurring monthly donation to the Green Party of Onondaga County during the election off-season to sustain our efforts to build a progressive independent party here in New York.


When you meet someone who is voicing concern, I welcome you to create the conversation around asking them if they know who they voted for?  And see where it goes from there.  Point them to me if you get the chance and I will gladly follow up.  And let’s keep working together, please don’t hesitate to call, emailfacebook message, or tweet to me.

For Dignity ~ Frank Cetera

"Maybe next time. Proud of our team. 
We're walking with our heads up and our paths clear. 
Can barely wait to get back to work for #‎AllOfUs
Militant for dignity."

Vote Cetera

Vote Dignity Tomorrow, I'm Coming with Policies In Hand


Tomorrow is Election Day.  I am writing to you today to ask for your vote and to present why I am the most qualified and passionate candidate running for 2nd District City Council.  Learn much more about me at www.votecetera.org Contact us if you need a ride to your polling place (find out where to vote at http://vic.ntsdata.com/onondagaboe/pollingplacelookup.aspx)

As a NY Certified Small Business Advisor and Board President of Cooperative Federal Credit Union, I have a record of supporting local economic development. I’ve worked to improve quality of life in our community with grassroots organizations like the Westside Residents Coalitions, Westside Walks, the Near Westside Initiative, and Tomorrow’s Neighborhoods Today. I understand natural resource management and have helped to create five community gardening spaces in Syracuse, including one Land Bank lot on Gifford St and am finishing the renovation of a once-abandoned home on Otisco St. I’ve succeeded at the neighborhood level and want to bring my record of success to city government.

I have been out talking to voters with my volunteer team since early June. I’ve had three letters to the editor published, including an Op-Ed in this previous week’s Thursday edition about our need to take action in the face of a poverty epidemic, with ideas for how we can accomplish a change. http://votecetera-syracusegreens.nationbuilder.com/syracuse_for_all_of_us_ps2015  

Constituent services must be a priority for a district councilor and I will give my 100% to respond to your needs in city government. But constituents services is not all that a councilor should be doing. Only focusing on constituent services is only looking for another two-year term. That is not enough to fix the systemic problems facing our community – significant improvements will require introducing ordinances, policies, legislation, and programs.  I also demonstrated my passion and innovative ideas at the Washington Square Neighborhood Candidates Forum.

Think about if it is time to set aside party loyalties and vote for the most qualified candidate.  I saw the Democratic party door hangers that were distributed this weekend - they only listed names and pictures of candidates, and pleaded for voters to choose the Democratic line, with no information on policies, legislation, or specific priorities. Are you ready to only vote for a name, a party line, the same old message?

I have heard from many of you while campaigning the Northside, Near Westside, Skunk City, Far Westside, Tipperary Hill, Franklin Square, and Park Ave neighborhoods over the past five months.  Here are some ideas I am proposing based on my conversations with you, and I look forward to discussing how we may implement them further when you elect me to be your next 2nd District City Councilor.

SCHOOL & NEIGHBORHOOD SAFETY Our police officers should be trained and dispatched in community policing including bicycle and foot patrols to improve police-community relations.  And to further this, I will work to convert our struggling and underutilized schools into neighborhood hubs that offer more intensive and comprehensive wrap-around services to address educational and social-emotional needs of our neighborhoods - including youth recreation after-school and on weekends.

LIVING WAGE & RESIDENT JOBS I am the only candidate who has openly and fully spoken in support of the $15 living wage.  I will continue my work to create a program for businesses to voluntarily adopt the $15 living wage, while advocating to the state for home rule to raise our minimum wage across the board for all employers.  Our campaign has also worked with the Urban Jobs Task Force and collected over 200 petition signatures, during our campaign canvassing, to create an ordinance that will require contractors of city public works jobs to higher at least 20% of employees form city residents.

PARKING & WINTER SNOW PLOWING I propose we reduce the the number of times needed to switch sides each week to only twice - 3 days odd and 4 days even.  This will save many of us from having to pay those odd-even tickets and reduce traffic policing costs; it will ease the ability to travel narrow neighborhood streets by reducing the days per week that cars are parked across from each other during the 6 pm transition period; and will also make for an easier job of plowing snow by reducing obstacles when plows come through.

ABSENTEE LANDLORDS & PROPERTY MANAGEMENT  This issue cuts across all neighborhoods in our district. If our infrastructure such as roads and water lines are the bones of our neighborhoods, our houses and landscape are the face and heart. I’d like to work to implement a property manager registration program that will require regular reporting to neighborhood representatives, and will work with the codes office to make sure that absentee landlords who are not being responsible property owners are held to the strictest scrutiny.

SPEEDING VEHICLES I know a speeding car or two from living on the Near Westside’s Otisco St.  The police are unable to do anything because the perpetrators are long gone by the time the patrol arrives. I propose to install speed humps on all extended length stretches of street longer than one block where there is not currently any speed control infrastructure such as stop signs in place. There are two green streets being installed in Syracuse which will contain speed humps and will be useful as precedent for increasing these installations (different from speed bumps in that they have a gentler slope, allowing snow plows to navigate them while clearing the streets).

COMMON COUNCIL COMMUNICATION You’ve said that there is not enough communication from your current common council members, and I agree. I will initiate a bi-weekly email update corresponding with Council meetings that will be sent to those who wish to receive it. We’ll make sure to follow-up with citizens about the ramifications of new legislation, reminders about odd/even parking changes, and special events such as important meeting dates - right in your own in-box or mailbox.  Think of it as public service announcements from your elected representatives.

COMMUNITY BUDGET CONTROL  I will empower everyone by implementing a participatory budgeting ordinance in Syracuse that would dedicate up to 20% of the municipal budget to citizens themselves to identify, discuss, and prioritize spending as they see fit, giving each of us the power to make real decisions about how public funds are used in our community. 

My goal is to create a Syracuse that works for #AllOfUs - to make Syracuse a city of safety and dignity for everyone so that your children and friends will not only want to stay in Syracuse, but will speak loudly and highly of it.

For Dignity - Frank Cetera


p.s. Your share via sending an email to your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues, or by posting on social media, will go a long way in giving our campaign a last minute boost!  Use #315elex and #WeAreGreen , Thank you.

Syracuse for All of US

The following appear in the Post Standard print edition on Thursday, October 29 and online on October 27.

Over the last few months as I have walked the streets of Syracuse, knocked on doors, and talked to residents, I have seen the debris of the crime and poverty that impacts us so heavily. Many of the buildings I have entered are flaking, crumbling, porches sagging, doors not working, halls and stairwells flagging darkly, faces at the screen doors defensive and distrustful of local government. I ask myself each night after returning home: How did things get this bad?

We, the professionals, leaders, politicians, activists, advocates, and businesses -- we, the ones that get looked to for solutions -- we know the answers. We need funding for schools and youth activities, jobs with living wages, strategies to keep wealth and resources in the hands of city residents.

Humans have for ages known of education as the foundation of creating not only a capable work force, but also a fundamentally kind and civic society. We have for ages recognized that nutrition enables success at studies and cognitive development. We have known for ages that a safe and healthy home, street, and neighborhood create a productive environment and a community of support. Yet, we continue to not only underfund our schools, but also continue to segregate the most struggling, as if they will pick themselves up, with only struggling generations before them, in continually poor and racially segregated neighborhoods.

Maslow famously published the Hierarchy of Needs which states "physiological needs are the physical requirements for human survival. If these requirements are not met, the human body cannot function properly and will ultimately fail. Physiological needs are thought to be the most important; they should be met first." But, how we go about helping to meet those needs should be of concern.

Treating the issues of people in our city as problems to solve, as opposed to opportunities to empower, is clearly not the answer, unless a 50 percent child poverty rate is the result we are trying to reach. Providing daily groceries only serves to keep bellies from growling for one more night -- it doesn't stock the home pantry with the security that there will be food every day like a living wage job from a local hiring ordinance would. Helping someone find a minimum wage job only serves to pay one more month's rent -- it doesn't create business ownership or family financial stability for a lifetime like ownership in a member-owned worker cooperative business would.

Are we too focused on getting the vote, the promotion, the security for ourselves, that we only specialize in today's problems instead of planning systemic solutions for our children and for the future residents of our city? Constituent services are not enough to solve the poverty epidemic in this city -- if any councilor tells you that is what they are focusing on, then they are not looking beyond another two years. Responding to constituents should be the bare minimum expectation. We need to raise expectations and demand that our councilors and elected officials have a vision for the future of the city and our people.

I'm running for 2nd District councilor because we deserve a Syracuse that works for all of us. The goal of city government, right now, must be to end poverty and create the conditions where all families can have a dignified life here in Syracuse – with safe neighborhoods, fully-funded schools and services and living wage jobs.

We need a city government that is passionate and dedicated to serving the people of the city. Councilors need to be proactive and engaged, monitoring the proper management and performance of city agencies, making forward-thinking land use decisions, overseeing the city's budget with the people in mind first and foremost, and legislating on a wide range of other subjects - all geared towards managing the City of Syracuse for the benefit of all of us.... For we know the answers, we simply need the political will.

Cetera vs. Ryan vs. Angelo: Post Standard Questions


SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- There's a three-way race for Syracuse Common Council in the 2nd District, which covers much of the West Side of the city, and part of the North Side. Councilor Chad Ryan, 30, a Democrat, is seeking re-election to a second term. He faces Green Party candidate Frank Cetera, 43, and Republican Maryrose Angelo, 26.

1. Would you favor a new fee on property owners to pay for sidewalk maintenance, similar to what Ithaca or Rochester have? If not, how can Syracuse improve the condition of its sidewalks?

Ryan: No. Sidewalks are the responsibility of the property owners. Many property owners currently take care of their sidewalks. By adding a fee you are punishing those who follow the rules to help those who do not. The city has policies and procedures in place for sidewalks. To improve the condition the city needs to better exercise its enforcement of the current ordinances that are already in place.

Cetera: Yes. Sidewalks should be a city responsibility like roads for improvement, repair, and snow removal. Therefore, adding sidewalk embellishment fees to the already existing roadway fees on property tax bills would be appropriate and within precedence. This increase would be reasonable in extent at 27 percent, or approximately $50, increase annually, (based upon Rochester's program utilizing average lot front footage as an example).

Fines are a regressive system disproportionately affecting the poor and disabled, and many of the residents of the city live in rentals and are therefore often at the mercy of absentee landlords who are lax in maintenance and snow removal. Our current system isn't working and is dangerous. Fines are typically hard to enforce without neighbor complaints, which are detrimental to neighbor cohesiveness.

Angelo: We should have safe, passable sidewalks throughout the city at an affordable cost in all seasons. Property owners should be allowed to make repairs and replace portions of damaged sidewalks, without having to incur the cost of a complete five-foot wide replacement. Competitive bidding should be required for sidewalk repairs and replacements that are contracted by the city and billed to the property owner. Creative solutions should be explored for addressing the snow clearing needs of elderly and disabled property owners, such as community volunteer engagement.

Read more

Only 2 Days Until Election Day, But There's Still Time to Act!

With only 48 hours until Election Day, we are down to the wire, but there is still time to act.  Here's why and how. 

  • 20151031_120140REV222.jpgJoin our volunteer crews.  We have new people joining us every day.This is James from Saturday's door-to-door canvassing crew getting a pep talk from Kahlua the Dog.  James is coming back today to volunteer on doors again after being new yesterday!  You can come canvass doors with us today still, we start at 2 pm on the dot, but let us know so we can have walk sheets and materials ready for you when you arrive (we will give you a short training if needed).  Or join us phone banking Monday evening, or on Election Day!
  • My incumbent Democratic opponent has finally decided to start campaigning.  We encountered canvasser working for his campaign, and door hangers representing his campaign - this is the first we have seen any evidence of them out on the campaign streets!  They decided it wasn't important enough to talk to voters until 72 before the Election! We have been out every week since early June, many days every week!  So we can't let up!
  • I just shared on social media the League of Women Voters questionnaires that I submitted along side my incumbent opponent (The Republican candidate did not even respond to the LWV).  Check the blog post out at this link.
  • It's not too late to make a donation.  These last days are when costs seem to come out of nowhere - printer ink was empty yesterday, we decided to get copies made of the Post-Standardcandidate issues article and my Op-Ed so that we could share those with people when we talk to them (many people don't get the Thursday print edition, nor do they read the paper online), and we had some late data issues that we had to spend some money on fixing.


  • Come get a lawn sign to support the campaign.  We still have some left, and they are doing us no good sitting on the porch, stop by 717 Otisco St anytime and grab one from next to the front door/gate.

Thanks for your support Syracuse, now let's stay busy bringing dignity back for a Syracuse that works for #AllOfUs.

For Dignity - Frank Cetera

League of Women Voters Candidate Comparisons

This side-by-side comparisons of my positions and credentials with that of my opponents is brought to you by the League of Women Voters.  First up Chad Ryan, incumbent Democrat, speaks in vagueries, lacks detailed policy recommendations and platforms, didn't even use the whole 1,000 characters that LWV allotted to our answers, thinks solving individual problems with city departments is the most important when we actually have a systemic problem with poverty, racism, and economic inequality that needs shouted from the Council chambers.  Second, Maryrose Angelo - did not respond to the LWV and did not submit a questionnaire.  Find out more about your local candidates in all the current races at http://www.vote411.org/











Six Powerhouse Greens Poised for Breakthrough!

Six Powerhouse Green Candidates Poised For Breakthrough!

The time has never been better for a Green breakthrough! And The Green Party of the United States Coordinated Campaign Committee has singled out 6 candidates that deserve your immediate support.

Please take a quick look at these 6 high powered, inspirational Green campaigns across the country. You can give all of them the boost they need with a single click of your mouse by making a contribution today to the Green Party campaign fund.

We are sending this request to every Green we know in the United States. Your donation, wherever you are from, can help these candidates in the home stretch. No donation is too small.

As you know, America is at the breaking point. A recent poll showed 50% of Americans consider themselves political independents! And the percent of Americans who identify as Democrats or Republicans have dropped to new all-time lows of 29% and 21% respectively.

That makes our platform more timely than ever. Greens are pioneering critical policies like strong local schools, municipal utilities, public banks, support for small businesses and worker cooperatives. We call for millions of jobs to achieve 100% clean renewable energy by 2030, Medicare for All, and requiring the wealthy few to pay their share of taxes.

By offering the solutions we need in our communities, these trailblazers are standing up for Americans being thrown under the bus everywhere by politics as usual. Your donation will help get the word out to the voters clamoring for what these candidates represent.

And most of these candidates are YOUNG! These are the fresh new faces that are bringing the Green Party to future voters in communities all across the country. Even if they are not running in your town or district, these are people who can continue to change the color of politics in America to Red, White, and Green! We all have a stake in their races.

The CCC will take the donations from this email and distribute them among the candidates.

But time is short. Election day for all 6 is November 3. Please Donate Now to support all of these candidates at the most critical final leg of their fight - which is our fight.

Together we're unstoppable.

Many thanks,

Cheri Honkala

2012 Green Party Vice Presidential Candidate

P.S. Because this is not a presidential election year, it's harder for these candidates to raise money. But these are the very races that have a huge impact on local quality of life. And these are the people who can move up into higher office over time. Please, be generous. Donate today. Every amount will help!

Election day is next week!                                                                                                           


Frank Cetera, Common Council, 2nd District, Syracuse

The major issues in this race and in the city are poverty and crime. Frank's campaign is centered on the solutions, immediate and long term, to these crises, framing them through a values lens. Frank believes that the goal of city government should be to end poverty and guarantee a dignified life for all residents, with living wage jobs, fully funded schools and services and safe and healthy neighborhoods. The campaign has received media coverage from two of the local public radio stations, as well as published articles in local newspapers including the Syracuse New Times and CNY Latino. Frank has a long track record of community work and recognition.


Kristin Combs, City Council, Philadelphia

Kristin Combs is fiercely committed to ensuring that every child has access to a meaningful public education. Kristin has seen firsthand the struggles that face our schools and communities. She was teaching at Vaux High School in North Philadelphia when it was closed in 2013 by the School Reform Commission, one of twenty-three Philadelphia schools that were closed. Kristin's experiences have led her to activism and politics. She believes that it's time to truly put the people first, above corporate interests and personal political gain. As a member of City Council who is not beholden to any political machine, Kristin will welcome the people’s movement for change into City Hall, where it belongs.

PlinioDeGoes_(3).jpgPlinio DeGoes, City Council, Cambridge, MA

Plinio’s campaign is focused on gentrification. Plinio is the only candidate calling for a moratorium on all new construction unless it is low income housing.  He is also calling for prioritizing locally-owned businesses over franchises and fighting sexual assault, in a community that is home to many colleges and universities, including Harvard and MIT.

med-rez_marnie_profile.pngMarnie Glickman, Dixie School Board, San Rafael, California

Long-time Green Party activist Marnie is a mother of three and civic leader committed to making a difference in the Dixie School District.  For more than twenty years, she has worked in the field of organizational development, building coalitions to solve community problems. Marnie has garnered an impressive list of prominent endorsements including the Marin Independent Journal, the Mayor of San Rafael, and several former school board members.

Screenshot-2015-05-19-at-10.23.51-PM-300x300.pngMolly O'Brien, State Representative 17th District, NJ General Assembly 

Molly has been working as a Paralegal since graduating from Rutgers in 2014. She has seen a great number of nonviolent offenders mistreated by the Courts and law enforcement officers, including those with serious addictions, behavioral health problems, or other disabilities. They are given jail time instead of the treatment they need. Molly has worked hard watching police video of motor vehicle stops and interrogations and listened to police radio transmissions transcribing what was said. This experience has led her to include improving community policing and ending racial profiling among her top issues.

Jeff_Staples.jpgJeff Staples, State Representative, 81st District, Virginia House of Delegates

A strong supporter of the Green Party for many years, Jeff has received the endorsement of the Chesapeake Bay Group Sierra Club.  A mechanic by day and environmental activist by night, Jeff is results driven and seeks to be a voice for working people and those who want a clean environment in which to live, work and play. He is also fighting to drive the corporate money out of Virginia Politics.

Green Party of the United States

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