League of Women Voters Candidate Comparisons

This side-by-side comparisons of my positions and credentials with that of my opponents is brought to you by the League of Women Voters.  First up Chad Ryan, incumbent Democrat, speaks in vagueries, lacks detailed policy recommendations and platforms, didn't even use the whole 1,000 characters that LWV allotted to our answers, thinks solving individual problems with city departments is the most important when we actually have a systemic problem with poverty, racism, and economic inequality that needs shouted from the Council chambers.  Second, Maryrose Angelo - did not respond to the LWV and did not submit a questionnaire.  Find out more about your local candidates in all the current races at http://www.vote411.org/











Six Powerhouse Greens Poised for Breakthrough!

Six Powerhouse Green Candidates Poised For Breakthrough!

The time has never been better for a Green breakthrough! And The Green Party of the United States Coordinated Campaign Committee has singled out 6 candidates that deserve your immediate support.

Please take a quick look at these 6 high powered, inspirational Green campaigns across the country. You can give all of them the boost they need with a single click of your mouse by making a contribution today to the Green Party campaign fund.

We are sending this request to every Green we know in the United States. Your donation, wherever you are from, can help these candidates in the home stretch. No donation is too small.

As you know, America is at the breaking point. A recent poll showed 50% of Americans consider themselves political independents! And the percent of Americans who identify as Democrats or Republicans have dropped to new all-time lows of 29% and 21% respectively.

That makes our platform more timely than ever. Greens are pioneering critical policies like strong local schools, municipal utilities, public banks, support for small businesses and worker cooperatives. We call for millions of jobs to achieve 100% clean renewable energy by 2030, Medicare for All, and requiring the wealthy few to pay their share of taxes.

By offering the solutions we need in our communities, these trailblazers are standing up for Americans being thrown under the bus everywhere by politics as usual. Your donation will help get the word out to the voters clamoring for what these candidates represent.

And most of these candidates are YOUNG! These are the fresh new faces that are bringing the Green Party to future voters in communities all across the country. Even if they are not running in your town or district, these are people who can continue to change the color of politics in America to Red, White, and Green! We all have a stake in their races.

The CCC will take the donations from this email and distribute them among the candidates.

But time is short. Election day for all 6 is November 3. Please Donate Now to support all of these candidates at the most critical final leg of their fight - which is our fight.

Together we're unstoppable.

Many thanks,

Cheri Honkala

2012 Green Party Vice Presidential Candidate

P.S. Because this is not a presidential election year, it's harder for these candidates to raise money. But these are the very races that have a huge impact on local quality of life. And these are the people who can move up into higher office over time. Please, be generous. Donate today. Every amount will help!

Election day is next week!                                                                                                           


Frank Cetera, Common Council, 2nd District, Syracuse

The major issues in this race and in the city are poverty and crime. Frank's campaign is centered on the solutions, immediate and long term, to these crises, framing them through a values lens. Frank believes that the goal of city government should be to end poverty and guarantee a dignified life for all residents, with living wage jobs, fully funded schools and services and safe and healthy neighborhoods. The campaign has received media coverage from two of the local public radio stations, as well as published articles in local newspapers including the Syracuse New Times and CNY Latino. Frank has a long track record of community work and recognition.


Kristin Combs, City Council, Philadelphia

Kristin Combs is fiercely committed to ensuring that every child has access to a meaningful public education. Kristin has seen firsthand the struggles that face our schools and communities. She was teaching at Vaux High School in North Philadelphia when it was closed in 2013 by the School Reform Commission, one of twenty-three Philadelphia schools that were closed. Kristin's experiences have led her to activism and politics. She believes that it's time to truly put the people first, above corporate interests and personal political gain. As a member of City Council who is not beholden to any political machine, Kristin will welcome the people’s movement for change into City Hall, where it belongs.

PlinioDeGoes_(3).jpgPlinio DeGoes, City Council, Cambridge, MA

Plinio’s campaign is focused on gentrification. Plinio is the only candidate calling for a moratorium on all new construction unless it is low income housing.  He is also calling for prioritizing locally-owned businesses over franchises and fighting sexual assault, in a community that is home to many colleges and universities, including Harvard and MIT.

med-rez_marnie_profile.pngMarnie Glickman, Dixie School Board, San Rafael, California

Long-time Green Party activist Marnie is a mother of three and civic leader committed to making a difference in the Dixie School District.  For more than twenty years, she has worked in the field of organizational development, building coalitions to solve community problems. Marnie has garnered an impressive list of prominent endorsements including the Marin Independent Journal, the Mayor of San Rafael, and several former school board members.

Screenshot-2015-05-19-at-10.23.51-PM-300x300.pngMolly O'Brien, State Representative 17th District, NJ General Assembly 

Molly has been working as a Paralegal since graduating from Rutgers in 2014. She has seen a great number of nonviolent offenders mistreated by the Courts and law enforcement officers, including those with serious addictions, behavioral health problems, or other disabilities. They are given jail time instead of the treatment they need. Molly has worked hard watching police video of motor vehicle stops and interrogations and listened to police radio transmissions transcribing what was said. This experience has led her to include improving community policing and ending racial profiling among her top issues.

Jeff_Staples.jpgJeff Staples, State Representative, 81st District, Virginia House of Delegates

A strong supporter of the Green Party for many years, Jeff has received the endorsement of the Chesapeake Bay Group Sierra Club.  A mechanic by day and environmental activist by night, Jeff is results driven and seeks to be a voice for working people and those who want a clean environment in which to live, work and play. He is also fighting to drive the corporate money out of Virginia Politics.

Green Party of the United States

Shoe Leather Campaigning 5 Days Out

Ours is what they call a "shoe leather" campaign. There are no short cuts and the hours are long. We are tremendously grateful for each and every one of our 75+ donors. Thank you for believing in Frank! Please consider a donation today to make sure we have the resources needed to Get Out the Vote on Election Day! Especially if you haven't yet or if you are able to give a little more. To each according to our ability.


Frank and our team are working around the clock! Wednesday, we lunched at a public housing building and chatted with retirees in English and Spanish about what improvements they'd like to see in the community and we saw the beautiful collard greens neighbors are growing in their shared raised beds. Then, while Frank door knocked on Tipperary Hill (in the rain) our phonebanking team confirmed more supportive voters. We also snuck in some time reading the positive comments about Frank's campaign on syracuse.comThursday night when Frank gets out of work, we'll be knocking more doors followed by a meet-and-greet in the home of a supporter while our volunteer team continues outreach calls. All weekend, rain or shine, we'll be door knocking and building energy for a historic turnout for the Green Party on Election Day in Syracuse and the 2nd District. Friday night, we'll be taking a few hours "off" for the 4th Annual Green Halloween Party at the Cosmopolitan Building on W. Fayette St. (get your tickets here!) (and be sure to invite your friends!) When Frank wins the election, it'll be thanks to our collective hard work and community organizing.

If you've been following the campaign & have been wanting to support Frank and our team, this is it — the time is now! Volunteer with us this coming SaturdaySundayMonday, or Tuesday.

In case you missed Simone's email yesterday, here is how you can volunteer:

Election Day, November 3

We want to fill all our poll watcher slots (that's 12 people), have folks holding our campaign signs at busy street intersections during morning and afternoon rush hours (this is another 8-10 people). We need people for shifts large and small - from 90 minutes all the way to 6 hours. Naturally, coffee & tasty + nutritious local food will be yours. Please join now!

Doorknock This Last Weekend before Election Day!

11:00 am - 2:00 pm Saturday, Halloween Day (costume optional)
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm Saturday, Halloween Day (costume optional)
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm Sunday, November 1

We are doing one final neighborhood blitz with materials next weekend talking to voters at doors. Training, scripts, and materials are simple.  Seasonal snacks, warm beverages, smiles.

Phone Bank Outreach to Voters Sunday or Monday

Sunday night and Monday night, 11/1 and 11/2, we will be calling voters from 6 to 9 pm from Bitternut Homestead on the Near Westside (rideshares available). Sign up here, or email simone@votecetera.org.

Simone says, "the most fun and interesting thing about helping out Frank’s campaign for City Council has been talking to voters across the district. So many stories — a diverse group, young and old, in neighborhoods middle-class and distressed, such a wide range of perspectives and concerns.  I have been continuously surprised and gratified at how excited people are to learn about Frank’s message (and sometimes, to put a face and a candidacy to some of the things he’s done to make their neighborhood great, such as the urban food forests or the sidewalk snow-shoveling initiative)."

Thank you so much for all our support! 

Together, we can elect Frank to be our next 2nd District Councilor! 
-Ursula Rozum, Campaign Manager

P.S. Donations are necessary and gratefully accepted. Generous donors have really come through –– but we had some unexpected expenses this past week to fix our website and voter database. Luckily, we quickly assembled an intrepid team to fix it, and are back on track to be calling and doorknocking voters every day, but it took some resources. If you can —  Donate here.  Thanks so much to our existing donors who've made the campaign possible!

Thank You for Everything, Onward to Election Day!

Thank you, with sincerity, from all of us at my campaign for District Councilor.  I am moved by your generosity and by your commitment to ending poverty and creating a Syracuse with opportunity and dignity for #AllOfUs.  

Our campaign is being noticed - did you see the national "Candidate to Watch" recognition from the United States Green Party? Displaying  Our campaign is making things happen - after our pro-active grassroots pressure , the Post-Standard will now be printing information about all of the city's Council races, when before it wasn't clear whether they would. And our campaign has the incumbent on the defensive - in his recent mailer to registered district voters, he felt the need to explain why we know him as the "Quiet Councilor" who has a reputation for doing little.

Because of you, the campaign is a great success - we are on track with our fundraising and volunteer recruitment goals. We were at it again today thanks to you - you paid for the literature we are handing out, you paid for the paper and ink we use to print our walk lists, you paid for the materials we used to make the buttons ourselves right here at Vote Cetera campaign HQ in the Near Westside.  

And now we are actively planning our Election Day strategies and activities - and this takes more money and more volunteers. We want to fill all our poll watcher slots (that's 12 people), have folks holding our campaign signs at busy street intersections during morning and afternoon rush hours (this is another 8-10 people), feed our volunteers healthy and nutritious food, and do one final neighborhood blitz with materials next weekend.  Please donate or volunteer, or if you have already given all you can give, perhaps you can recruit one of your friends, neighbors, family, or colleagues who share our values.

My belief is that to have true community you must hold values and responsibility in common - I am experiencing this right now with you.  You can support our movement-making effort here in Syracuse by volunteering!

For Dignity, Frank Cetera

P.S. Please join us for our 4th Annual Green Halloween Party on Friday October 30th to celebrate all of us and all of you as one team for dignity.

Endorsement from Kevin Bott, 2013 Green Candidate for Syracuse Mayor

bott_head.jpgTwo years ago in 2013, I took on the privilege of running for Syracuse Mayor on the Green Party slate alongside Howie Hawkins for 4th District Council, and Barb Humphrey for School Board.  We came away with 15% of the electorate and, as I expressed in my Election night statement, “shined some light” on the issues and concerns of many of us.  I am so grateful for each of you who supported me at the polls in expressing your choice for progressive and people oriented policies.

One of the other major successes of that campaign year was the number of volunteers that participated in phone-banking, door-knocking, button-making, sign-holding, and more.  Our Volunteer Coordinator that year, Frank Cetera, was responsible for recruiting, organizing, and managing 57 different individuals, a major accomplishment.

I am also very thankful of all of you who supported my campaign through a financial donation.  And I am asking you today to do the same for Frank Cetera with my endorsement.www.votecetera.org/donate

Frank is a first-timer on the ballot this year, though he is an experienced campaigner having worked on a total of 7 campaigns since 2010. If you believed in the platform that I ran on including creating collaborative leadership, decreasing poverty, improving education, making the justice system equitable and women’s rights, then you would naturally support Frank’s platform which contains all of this and more for Syracuse’s future.


To that point, I ask you tonight to visit Frank’s website at www.votecetera.org and learn about him and his campaign (though I know many of you are already familiar with him through his community work such as Permaculture site development, community finance with Cooperative Federal Credit Union, the Near Westside’s Adopt-A-Trashcan program, and more).


So I ask you to donate today, give money to a candidate who has a real shot at winning a position on City Council, of bringing a message of #Dignity for the people to our city’s leadership, and of raising a ruckus for a Syracuse that works for #AllOfUs.

Kevin Bott
Green Party of Onondaga County

p.s. Frank and his campaign team are doing amazing work, and this was recognized recently as they were named one of the "top 6 powerhouse candidates" in the nation by the Green Party United States campaign committee - read all about it here, in a letter written by 2012 Green Party Vice-Presidential candidate Cheri Honkala.

Statement for Affordable and Clean Energy for All Of Us

On Monday night, Frank spoke at the Public Service Commission hearing at the South West Community Center in support of Affordable and Clean Energy for All Of Us - and against electricity shut-offs and inadequate subsidies for those in need.  

The PSC proposal is for discounts in addition to HEAP assistance. However, the proposal would leave most low-income people out of the program. Only those who receive a HEAP payment that goes directly to the utility company would be eligible for the additional discounts. Most low-income people do not receive these payments and would be left in the cold. The amount of the discount proposed so far is also very low. Given the huge number of utility shut-offs, the amount of money proposed will not be enough to provide all low-income New Yorkers with an affordable energy bill.  Local organizations are mobilizing their members to attend the hearing, including Syracuse United Neighbors, ARISE, Greater Syracuse Tenants Association, Spanish Action League, Syracuse Peace Council, Alliance for a Green Economy, and Green Party of Onondaga County.

Listen to the 5-minute statement at this link!



Green Party Common Council Candidiate Cetera Calls for BiPartisan & ProActive Get Out The Vote in Syracuse

Green Party Candidate Frank Cetera, running for 2nd District Syracuse City Council, calls on the citizens of Syracuse to “make some news and Get Out To Vote”, for elected officials to be more proactive in facilitating voter turnout, and for media to take responsibility for keeping the voting public informed about candidates and campaigns.

The 2013 General Election in Syracuse saw vote totals around 20% of those actually registered to vote in our City.  The national average for local elections is very similar to that in Syracuse.  University of Wisconsin researchers provided elections data covering 144 large U.S. cities, with the most recent year in the study of 2011 reporting only 20.9% voter turnout.

Until we see the sweeping reforms that Mayor Stephanie Miner recently called for, including early voting, “no excuse” absentee balloting, and universal voter registration, our elected officials should take leadership not only in voter registration but also in Get Out The Vote activities.  

This could include regular press releases and media events from City Hall and Common Council in the month leading up to Election Day, free bus passes on Election Day, public distribution of polling place locations on poster-sized maps, bus ads containing reminders to vote, and coordinated efforts of constituent services volunteers in extra-low turnout areas such as the segregated neighborhoods of high-poverty black, Latino, and white residents.

Low-turnout elections are generally dominated by whiter, more-affluent and older voters, and typically aren’t representative of the electorate as a whole according to  2010 research published by UC San Diego Professor Zoltan Hajnal.  Results from the research indicate that  “low and uneven turnout, a factor at play in most American cities, leads to sub-optimal outcomes for racial and ethnic minorities, including uneven prioritization of public spending.”

Cetera is campaigning on a platform that explicitly calls for the role of government to end poverty with every means and strategy possible, “As long as we don’t provide equal access and representation at our polling places, and regular and complete information about candidates and campaigns to the public, we won’t see an end to segregation, racism, and poverty in our city.”

VIDEO: Frank Cetera, 16 days out!

Here is a short message from Frank before he heads out door knocking in 30 degree Fall weather. 

Washington Square Appearance and Candidate Statement


The Washington Square Neighborhood Association hosted a candidates' night on Thursday October 15th at St. John the Baptist right Court St.  A one question go-round for the candidates took place in which each had 2 minutes to introduce themselves and answer the question:  “If elected, what will you do for the Washington Square area?”

The text of my statement is presented below, and audio of both my statement and my opponent from the Democratic line (my Republican challenger did not feel it important enough to attend) can be heard at this link!  As you'll hear, my opponent was unprepared, nonchalant, and as brief as possible without giving those in attendance any proactive or innovative platforms or policies for a future of dignity for All Of Us here in Syracuse.  #VoteDignity #VoteCetera

Good evening, my name is Frank Cetera and I am running for 2nd District City Council on the Green Party line.  

I serve as Board President at Cooperative Federal Credit Union (down on North Salina St.) that manages $22 million in assets of your money here in Syracuse; I founded a non-profit that has converted 6 vacant city green spaces into productive food gardens; and through my public service day job as a NY State certified small business advisor at Onondaga Community College, I work with entrepreneurs to develops business plans which have led to over $2 million in local investment and 200 jobs created….. I understand community finance and what it takes to help people to succeed.

My opponent will tell you that he is hanging his hat on constituent services.  I tell you that Constituent services is the bare minimum that a Councillor must do (and I would give it my all), but it is not enough if you want our children and families to have a better life and to stay here in Syracuse instead of running away to another city.  If we simply hang our hat only on reacting to the inevitable potholes and other problems as they occur, we will never position ourselves for a transformation from a City of poverty to one of success.

The goal of city government at this time must be to end poverty and to create opportunities for working families to have a dignified life, with living wage jobs, fully funded schools and public services (like police and snow removal) and a responsive city government.

I will take my grassroots and professional success to City Hall and elevate the councilor position to one that brings passion to monitoring the operation and performance of city agencies, making land use decisions,  overseeing the city's budget, and legislating on a wide range of other subjects.

The two items that I would like to work on to support the Washington Square park area are:

First, we must convert our struggling and underutilized schools (such as Grant, Franklin, and Lincoln) into neighborhood hubs that offer more intensive and comprehensive wrap around services to address educational and social-emotional needs of our neighborhoods - including youth recreation after-school and on weekends.  

Second, and this is the holy grail, I will empower everyone by implementing a participatory budgeting ordinance in Syracuse that would dedicate up to 20% of the municipal budget to citizens themselves to identify, discuss, and prioritize spending as they see fit, giving each of us the power to make real decisions about how public funds are used in our community.

And speaking of the Land Bank, one of those 6 vacant properties I’ve converted is a new community garden on Gifford St.

Thank you for the opportunity to be here tonight. And I hope to have your support on Election Day.


3 Weeks Till Election Day, 3 Ways You Can Help

Election Day is getting close and our campaign team is working hard to reach voters. We need  Frank in city hall to fight city policies that prioritize economic justice and dignity for all Syracuse residents, with a laser focus on putting people to work on living wage jobs.

Don't wait, participate! Here's how you can help get out the vote for Frank and our Green candidates in the coming week:

Screen_Shot_2015-10-06_at_9.36.10_AM.pngSaturday October 17, 2 PM - Door Knocking and Voter Canvassing - Just like it sounds, we'll be going door to door talking to voters, making sure they know that Frank is a candidate worth heading to the polls for on Election Day. Rain or shine, please dress for the weather! RSVP to let us know you are coming. 

Sunday October 18, 2 PM -  Door Knocking and Voter Canvassing - Just the previous day, we'll be going door to door talking to voters. Rain or shine, please dress for the weather! RSVP to let us know you are coming. 

PHONEBANKING Tuesday-Thursday Nights - Sign up here to help us reach voter by phone. Almost as effective as door knocking, this is an important way of reminding voters of the upcoming Election and reinforcing our door to door and mail outreach.   

Want to volunteer but aren't sure if door knocking or phonebanking are right for you????Contact our Volunteer Coordinator Simone (510-590-1140) and she'll get you started volunteering. Or visit our Volunteer sign up page.

Thank you for helping Frank's campaign grow to its fullest potential!

Sincerely, Ursula Rozum, Campaign Manager

PS: Frank Here with a short note.  Like bicycles?  I'm looking for someone to ride our Green machine People Powered Bicycle Trike around the neighborhoods every day between now and Election Day, talking to voters, and passing out literature and maps to polling places.  Let me know if you can take a shift.  Also, Want a Lawn sign?  Let us know.  Host a House party?  Contact our team. Willing to pass up that daily latte in favor of a regular coffee every day between now and Election Day?  Donate now.

Volunteer Donate

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