Cetera Presents Plan for People's Caucus - Stands with Endorsers for At-Large Candidacy

Syracuse, NY, November 2, 2017 — Frank Cetera, the Green Party candidate for citywide Syracuse Councilor At-Large, was joined by voters who have endorsed him from many different walks of life, including local activists, sole proprietor business owners, government employees, union members, higher education employees, college students, health care workers, non-profits staff, and community organization volunteers, among others.

"We stand together on the steps of City Hall and proclaim the need for a peoples’ caucus to usher in changes to how our Common Council interacts with residents, makes decisions, shares feedback and results, and gets things done for the poor and working class!" Cetera said.

Cetera called for easy changes to the existing structure of operations through:

  • Expanding study sessions and public hearings to a larger variety of times and locations,
  • Live streaming and archiving online all public meetings,
  • Open office hours for Councilors.

He also called for new and innovative changes to be made such as:

  • Sharing with the public as to the reasoning behind the votes that are made,
  • A ticket system for constituent services for equal responsiveness to all neighborhoods, 
  • Civic education for the whole city in legislative writing and processes.

With all candidates (save the Green Party candidates) accepting large volumes of donations from for-profit interests and large dollar donations from individuals, the people of Syracuse must demand equal access, beyond lip service, that everyone will receive the same attention and consideration as residents of this city. Every resident, voter or not, donor or not, regardless of race, class, or profession (or lack thereof) must receive equal and equitable access to elected officials and decision making processes.

In today’s increasingly hectic world, constituents don’t have time to track whether their state and local politicians are upholding their campaign promises. Combined with that is a decline in local news coverage. The outcome? Power is being handed to lobbyists, says Tony Shawcross, Executive Director of the Open Media Foundation (May 4, 2017: http://nationswell.com/open-media-project-streaming-govern…/)

Cetera, identifying as an activist first and politician second, called for “strength in our numbers so we can show our elected officials that change is coming, we can spread the word that I will stand up for the people's’ voices when elected, and we will start that change now to #EndPoverty and create #ASyracuseThatWorks”.

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