Common Council Candidate Cetera Joins Anti-Racism Voices

Syracuse NY -- On Tuesday, June 23, Syracuse residents will rally at 12 noon in Clinton Square downtown to speak out against the racist fueled violence that led to the shooting at a South Carolina AME church last Wednesday.  Mourners will also gather in solidarity for a prayer vigil the same evening starting at 6:30 pm at Hopps Memorial CME Church.

“The racism and violence that led to this truly tragic and hate-fueled act last week are shameful legacies, which we as a community must completely renounce,” said Cetera, a small business advisor and co-founder of The Alchemical Nursery, a non-profit in the Near Westside which brings people together through community gardening.  

“In no universe that I can imagine, is it okay for discrimination and segregation based on color and class to be allowed to continue.  In no way is it okay for one family to live in daily fear because of the color of their skin and the neighborhood they live in, while another family has the benefit of safety and security to enable them to succeed.  We must stand up against hate and the poverty that it leads to, and ensure a life of dignity for everyone.”

According to recent reports, one in three Syracusans live below the national poverty line, and the predominantly black neighborhoods are among the city’s poorest.

“When elected to council I will raise my voice loudly and continuously as an ally for the unrepresented and brutalized.  And I will work to promote remedies to institutional and economic racism, including introducing legislation for a truly living wage, and inclusionary zoning.”

Activists in South Carolina have been calling for the removal of the Confederate flag, which is still flown above the state capitol. “It is my hope that this symbol of racism and systemic violence will be removed from all public buildings in our nation,” Cetera said.

A Green Party candidate, Cetera is running against incumbent Chad Ryan.

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