Endorsements Flowing In!

I appreciate this endorsement from Karaline Rothwell as I feel the same about her. See her in the accompanying picture for my endorsements page with our Westside Walks volunteer snow shoveling crew standing to my left!

“While living in Syracuse, I was fortunate to work alongside Frank on many community projects. The projects focused on the improving the health and wellness of the Near Westside. Frank was always considerate of others and patient with his understanding of the community. Rather than pushing the agenda of the priviledged, Frank will impact the Common Council with holistic thought, considering the whole community and it's future prosperity, And, as Syracuse Councilor at-Large, he will give tireless attention to your concerns. Frank's person is true and genuine to this endeavor. I endorse Frank's candidacy!"

Make your endorsement at http://votecetera-syracusegreens.nationbuilder.com/cetera_for_councilor_at_large_2017

Yasser Arturo Guerra Garcia endorses me in Spanish and English languages!! This means a lot as we serve together on the Cooperative Federal Board of Directors providing financial services to many immigrants, refugees, and non-English speakers, providing them with banking products, mortgages and small business help!

Pocas personas de las que conocemos a lo largo de nuestras vidas poseen la cualidad de la perseverancia, esa condición de perseguir y trabajar consistentemente por una causa, por una ideología que con el tiempo define a la persona. Conozco a Frank Cetera desde hace casi tres años y todavía me asombra y admira como usa su tiempo para promover justicia social y hablar en favor de las minorías en nuestra ciudad de Syracuse. Actualmente soy uno de los miembros del Consejo de Directores de la cooperativa de crédito: Cooperative Federal, donde Frank ocupa el puesto de Presidente, en múltiples ocasiones su voz se ha pronunciado en pos de preservar y escalar la misión de la institución: garantizar acceso a oportunidades y productos financieros a personas que no encuentran dichos servicios en las tradicionales instituciones bancarias. Su resolución para pelear en el lado de las minorías, sumado a su determinación en crear una ciudad más segura definen mi posición, yo estoy con él y te pido que tú también lo estés el día de las próximas elecciones.

Few of the people we have the chance to become acquainted with during our live time possess the attribute of the Perseverance, that condition that make one pursue and work consistently for a cause, for an ideology that as time goes by define that person’s character. I have known Frank Cetera for almost three years now and yet it amaze me and cause admiration how he uses his time to advocate for social justice and speak in favor of minorities groups from our city of Syracuse. I’m currently a member of the Boards of directors for Cooperative Federal Credit Union where Frank act as President, in multiple occasions he has risen his voice to preserve and escalate the Credit Union mission, that of empower a sector of the city that has been neglected by the traditional financial institutions. His resolution to fight for minorities, his determination to build a safer city, mark the boundaries of my side, I’m with him and asking you to be as well next election day.


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