Green Party to Judicial Candidates: Don't Steal Our Ballot Line

Being independent means respecting your own ballot line by not weakening your principles through fusion appearances on other party lines; as well as respecting others' ballot lines by not petitioning to appear on them when you are not a registered member of that party.  That's what Greens not only preach, but practice, and it's indicative of our political beliefs, platform, policy, and progressive ideals for ballot access and fair representation.  Unfortunately, most other candidates just care about getting their name on the ballot on as many lines as possible to overwhelm the voter.  They therefore are now also no longer independent in any way, even to the ballot line of the party they belong to, as they now are answering to multiple parties with multiple interests.  How can you really truly know where your candidate stands when they have multiple masters like this?  

July 17, 2017 - Syracuse, NY - The Green Party handed out the statement below at the judicial candidates forum at the Southwest Community Center tonight urging voters not to vote for three judicial candidates who filed Green Party designating petitions: Democrat Frank B. Pelosi for City Court Judge, Republican Loretta R. Kilpatrick for Surrogates Court Judge, and Republican Michele Pirro Bailey for Family Court Judge
The Green Party believes that judicial candidates who have filed Green Party designating petitions after being asked not to are showing poor judgment for people who want to be judges, the statement said.  "The Green Party was created for Green candidates, not the candidates of other parties,” said Howie Hawkins, Chair of the Green Party of Onondaga County and the Green candidate for mayor of Syracuse.
The statement thanks City Court Judge candidates Vanessa Bogan and James Cecile for refraining from petitioning for the Green Party ballot line. Hawkins noted that since the statement was drafted, Mary Keib Smith for Surrogates Court Judge and Beth Lockhart for Family Court Judge have also pledged to respect the Green Party’s political independence and not seek the Green Party ballot line.
These candidates for judge have shown poor judgment.
  • Frank B. Pelosi, Democrat for City Court Judge
  • Loretta R. Kilpatrick, Republican for Surrogates Court Judge
  • Michele Pirro Bailey, Republican for Family Court Judge
These candidates for judge have shown poor judgment. They have disrespected the Green Party’s political independence and party rules.
These Democratic and Republican candidates were asked by the Green Party to not petition for the Green ballot line. But they did anyway. The Green Party doesn’t want Democrats and Republicans on the ballot as “Green” candidates.
Under the state Election Law – unlike candidates for legislative and executive public offices – judicial candidates are not required to get authorization from a party they are not enrolled in to run on its ballot line. But legal is not necessarily ethical.
There are 8 party lines on New York ballots for 2015-2018, but only three political alternatives – Democratic, Republican, and Green. 
7 of the party ballot lines were created by the Democratic and Republican gubernatorial tickets in 2014 by receiving at least 50,000 votes on those ballot lines. The Democratic ticket also created the Independence, Working Families, and Women’s Equality ballot lines. The Republican ticket also created Conservative and Reform ballot lines. 
The Green Party ballot line was created by the 2014 Gubernatorial Green ticket for Green candidates, not for candidates from other parties. We created the Green Party as an alternative to the Democrats and Republicans, not as just another ballot line like the little satellite parties, which routinely endorse the major parties’ candidates.
We also want to note that two City Court Judge candidates, Democrats Vanessa E. Bogan and James H. Cecile, respected the Green Party’s political independence.   Judge Bogan asked the Green Party before petitioning and respected our request not to. Judge Cecile knew about our policy of political independence and respected it without having to ask.
We thank these judges for demonstrating good judgement.
We ask voters to take these considerations into account when they vote.
Green Party of Onondaga County
315-475-7055, P.O. Box 562, Syracuse NY 13205

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