Housing, Health Neighborhoods: A Right for #AllOfUs

Housing issues are a major concern I've been hearing about everyday when I talk with neighbors of the 2nd District.  Healthy neighborhoods are impacted by the condition, value, and use of the housing stock. One neighbor on Lakeview Ave said "It's the living here, the homes, they are not cared for, it attracts bad things."

Much of the frustration is with absentee landlords and inadequate property management which leads to unsafe conditions, deteriorating housing values, and lack of respect for residents from adjacent neighborhoods. When these properties reach the end of their "useful lives", and the absentee owner has bled them for all they are worth, the homes are left to languish, build up large tax delinquencies, and bring the value and sense of community down. 

This lack of responsibility then places an absurd weight on tax-payers in the form of subsidizing demolitions and legal proceedings and filing for seizures, as well as volunteer hours of neighborhood groups such as WestSide Walks clearing sidewalks of snow and trash around these properties.

These are reasons that when elected I will delve into our policies regarding problem and rental properties, to hold landlords accountable to the neighbors and neighborhoods that their rental houses co-exist with. I will ensure current home-owners can access assistance for maintaining code compliant conditions, and investment owners are held responsible for the code violation they allow to go uncared for. See the Green Party Housing & Neighborhoods Platform here.

Please donate today or join up with our Street TeamI need your help so that we can continue to engage with Syracuse city residents, put key ideas and policies into public discussion, and help me win a seat on City Council where I'll speak up for a Syracuse that works for #AllOfUs!

#VoteDignity ~ Frank

P.S. Adequate housing options for disabled individuals is a critical issue that is often overlooked.  I participated in a rally last week organized by disability rights activist - my statement can be read right here!

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