Inside The Campaign 5 Weeks Out: Important deadlines are coming up

Dear friends – 


We are coming up on two very important dates on our campaign timeline and we need your support to make sure we reach out goals and keep our movement (and our city council race) moving forward.

Tomorrow, Monday September 28th, is the Board of Elections 32-day pre-election reporting date cut-off. What does that mean to you?  Basically, it means we want to show the highest amount of financial support as we can before that date, to inspire additional donors, to put some fear of competition into the incumbent, and to show the people power we are building.  So, if you’ve been holding off with your donation, now is a very time to give.  


Our next big expense is going to be a mailing to voters, many of whose doors we cannot knock because they are in apartment buildings. Help us communicate with registered voters to let them know they have a better option besides the current political monopoly in Syracuse, the system that is failing the vast majority of city residents. 

The second date is Monday October 9th, the deadline to register to vote in this year’s election. We’ve been registering voters all year, including 28 people at the Westcott Street Fair, and another handful outside of Nojaim’s Market last week for National Voter Registration Day.  Help us spread the word and register as many voters as we can.  You can refer anyone to us and we can assist them in getting the appropriate form and getting it submitted.  Or click here, and share this link, for full instructions on the various ways to obtain a form and register.

Want a Lawn sign?  Let us know.  Host a House party?  Contact our team. Willing to pass up that daily latte in favor of a regular coffee every day between now and Election Day?  Donate now.

For Dignity,


PS: With 5 weeks to go, we are counting the days and counting on you! Volunteer with our campaign team and help us get out the vote! Visit the campaign website to sign up to volunteer. We welcome volunteers from out of town, to visit and help us work the doors in Syracuse or to make phone calls to voters from wherever you are located.

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