LTE Avalanche Starts Now!

Today, I completed my interview with the Post-Standard Editorial Board, and they will be announcing a Councilor At-Largeendorsement in the near future.  There is no time like right now to send a Letter to The Editor (LTE) in support of my candidacy to

I am asking you to write in support of my unwavering progressive policy proposals and support of social justice advocacy and activism, as well as the fact that I am the most qualified professionally and experientially for the position, my resume is on my website, but you would be hard pressed to know anything about the qualifications of the other two candidates.                                             
Here are some tips to get you going:                             
Check out my resume at:                                              

Read more about my:

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Distribute door hangers near your own home at anytime.                                                                      

Send your endorsement letter today for my candidacy to   

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