LTE Tips

I will be compiling resources and tips from various sources on the topic of writing Letters To the Editor. 


Starting with these thoughts from

Letters to the editor are :

  • usually written in direct response to an article, editorial, op-ed, or column that the target paper has printed, or a reaction to a newsworthy event
  • are short – 250 words or less – and can be summarized in 1 or 2 points, succinctly stated
  • timely and relevant to news that’s at most 2 days old

Letter to the Editor Guidelines
Many papers provide guidelines for submitting an LTE, which should be checked before putting pen to paper. Here’s a few more style suggestions:

  • Focus on one important point; don’t try to address separate issues in one letter.
  • Maximize your chance of being published by removing every non-essential word. For example, don’t say, “I think…”
  • Don’t use all capital letters or bold text to emphasize a word.
  • Use local statistics if writing to a local/regional paper


Here are some simple guidelines from -


Also, here's an enjoyable Opinion piece from the NY Times -

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