Month in Review - January 2016

Our Winter so far has generally been mild, yet when the snow has arrived it has done so in volumes.  And every day I witness another unshoveled sidewalk, another ice-crusted intersection bus-stop ramp, and another sidewalk covered with plowed snow from a local business.  Last year’s legislation to fine plow operators, and create an enforcement state in which we have to tattle on each other, has not resulted in a walkable city.

Here is my January Month in Review update towards continuing to build a Syracuse that works for #AllOfUs.


  • Received my Interfaith Works Dialogue Circles Facilitator training to End Racism Certificate at Onondaga Community College, and will be facilitating dialogue circles with students this Spring Semester.  

  • Provided constituent information on the proposed housing development at 831 West Fayette St by sharing a written form of the proposal as well as personally providing video live-streaming and archiving of the neighborhood discussion at PEACE Inc. on Wyoming St - Learn more at this video link from Independent Media CNY and view the meeting online.

  • Continued the 2016 Westside Walks season as a member of the Westside Residents Coalition by conducting a discarded television set pick-up and recycling effort, as well as continued clearing of snow from strategic locations.  Read the short story “What Would Arlo (Guthrie) Do?” that recollects one of our more adventurous outings.

  • Completed proposal for Green Party of Onondaga County District and neighborhood Delegates, to ensure distributed representation and liaison activities towards growing Green Party enrollment and undertaking constituent needs. Ask me how you can start organizing the Green Party with your neighborhood residents!

  • Served through attendance at meetings and action items for the Citywide TNT Board, Executive Committee, and HR Committee; Syracuse United Neighbors, Greater Syracuse Labor Council, Green Party NYS Rules & Policies Committee, Cooperative Federal Credit Union board,  and OCC Federation of Teachers and Administrators.

RYAN WATCH (is your 2nd District Councilor working for you?):


  • 12710978_962252620534254_3545416910159714411_o.jpgUrban Jobs Task Force PROTEST FOR JOBS!!  Thursday, February 18 at 12 Noon -  12:30 PM, Corner of Solar & Court Streets, Syracuse

    • COR and OCIDA: The Inner Harbor project tax deal is wrong!  COR: Settle out of court! Negotiate jobs & contracts for city residents! OCIDA: Stop giving developers our tax $$$! For more information or a ride: Call Aggie at 478-4571 or Rich at 476-7475 or visit
  • Become a contributor to the INDEPENDENT MEDIA CNY online blog

    • Report-backs from actions, photo essays, statements from the community that don't get printed in the Post-Standard, feedback from legislative visits, video documentation, can be published in a central site, archived for future finding and viewing online, and referred back to when needed with permanent links. We will create a movement among many social justice activists and progressive newsmakers, so that we continue to build coalitions across coalitions - while demonstrating transparent policy and development behavior.  Please check out the current platform at


For Dignity ~ Frank

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