Only 2 Days Until Election Day, But There's Still Time to Act!

With only 48 hours until Election Day, we are down to the wire, but there is still time to act.  Here's why and how. 

  • 20151031_120140REV222.jpgJoin our volunteer crews.  We have new people joining us every day.This is James from Saturday's door-to-door canvassing crew getting a pep talk from Kahlua the Dog.  James is coming back today to volunteer on doors again after being new yesterday!  You can come canvass doors with us today still, we start at 2 pm on the dot, but let us know so we can have walk sheets and materials ready for you when you arrive (we will give you a short training if needed).  Or join us phone banking Monday evening, or on Election Day!
  • My incumbent Democratic opponent has finally decided to start campaigning.  We encountered canvasser working for his campaign, and door hangers representing his campaign - this is the first we have seen any evidence of them out on the campaign streets!  They decided it wasn't important enough to talk to voters until 72 before the Election! We have been out every week since early June, many days every week!  So we can't let up!
  • I just shared on social media the League of Women Voters questionnaires that I submitted along side my incumbent opponent (The Republican candidate did not even respond to the LWV).  Check the blog post out at this link.
  • It's not too late to make a donation.  These last days are when costs seem to come out of nowhere - printer ink was empty yesterday, we decided to get copies made of the Post-Standardcandidate issues article and my Op-Ed so that we could share those with people when we talk to them (many people don't get the Thursday print edition, nor do they read the paper online), and we had some late data issues that we had to spend some money on fixing.


  • Come get a lawn sign to support the campaign.  We still have some left, and they are doing us no good sitting on the porch, stop by 717 Otisco St anytime and grab one from next to the front door/gate.

Thanks for your support Syracuse, now let's stay busy bringing dignity back for a Syracuse that works for #AllOfUs.

For Dignity - Frank Cetera

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