Our Accomplishments from Election 2015

No small thing we did. Here’s some quick thoughts on what we accomplished:


  1. More people than ever before, by far, decided to vote for a Green Party candidate to represent them in the 2nd District with our vote tally of 413 (just under 21% of total votes cast). Every vote cast for my candidacy on the Green line was a conscious vote that we earned, unlike the “party-line” voters who will vote straight down the D or R line. We won these votes by reaching out and having conversations one-on-one with people about a vision for economic justice in our city. 

  2. I carried my home Ward Election District 8-3, which is the portion of the Near Westside where I live, by a vote tally of 23 to 22 to 11. Unfortunately, we did not succeed in mobilizing the vast majority of voters to participate in this year’s election. According to Board of Elections data, there are 414 registered voters in this Ward Election District.  District wide, only 20% of eligible voters cast votes for the Council position.

  3. We raised just over $10,000 from near and far, that is a significant showing of support, and we needed every penny of it. We are deeply appreciative of every dollar you donated. Thank you.

  4. Our Green Party line received the second highest amount of votes. The Republican candidate Maryrose Angelo needed FOUR ballot lines to come in second, and beat us, barely.  

  5. Screen_Shot_2015-08-11_at_9.34.07_AM.pngOur team impressed many people with our professionalism, skill-set, values, and hard work. The cheers have been coming in continuously through email and in-person from community activists, political observers and the media.

  6. We had a good time! Collecting signatures door to door with the Urban Jobs Task Force, walking the neighborhoods of the city with our first campaign door hanger, dancing on Halloween...we put the social in social movement. :) (on the right that's Billy, Ursula and Henry, campaigning at a summer festival.  

So what comes next? Deepening relationships and continuing to do the real grassroots work that creates opportunities for #AllOfUs to live lives of dignity. Yes we’ll need funds to help do this. As always, if you can contribute please do.  I ask that you sign up to make a recurring monthly donation to the Green Party of Onondaga County during the election off-season to sustain our efforts to build a progressive independent party here in New York.


When you meet someone who is voicing concern, I welcome you to create the conversation around asking them if they know who they voted for?  And see where it goes from there.  Point them to me if you get the chance and I will gladly follow up.  And let’s keep working together, please don’t hesitate to call, emailfacebook message, or tweet to me.

For Dignity ~ Frank Cetera

"Maybe next time. Proud of our team. 
We're walking with our heads up and our paths clear. 
Can barely wait to get back to work for #‎AllOfUs
Militant for dignity."

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