Reject COR's Application to OCIDA

Dear OCIDA Board members, Executive Mahoney, and Chairman McMahon,
Please reject the COR application for Inner Harbor tax breaks from OCIDA.  First, the City of Syracuse has an independent IDA whose territory and autonomy of decision making may be respected.  Second, the loss of tax dollars to a private for-profit development, who has already received numerous tax and purchase benefits from the city, will go a long way towards the City's continued struggle with poverty and segregation, please don't let that be on your hands.  Third, COR has not committed to any detailed and formal local hiring plan or community benefit agreement, and are unwilling to see themselves as part of the fabric of our city, rather, as an outside developer intent on sucking as much capital from our city fabric as possible.


Lastly, it was a true scavenger hunt to find all of the email addresses for the OCIDA members, please don't make it this hard for residents to communicate with you.  Your email addresses should be listed on your webpage.  After all the searching, we were still unable to find email addresses for Mike Allen, Victor Ianno, and Joania Mahoney, so please forward this message to them.  In addition, why is there not a single group email address for the OCIDA Board to simplify communications, centralize them so we know everyone receives public communication attempts, and look more professional?



Frank Cetera, Green Party 2nd District Syracuse

Thanks to my friend KC for the following summary of the OCIDA (Onondaga County Industrial Development Agency) COR tax break application for Inner Harbor developments:

COR had been working with SIDA (Syracuse Industrial Development Agency) but, due to not agreeing with a recent assessment value of its property, decided to take its PILOT to OCIDA instead of staying loyal to SIDA. The effect of this ... Our City's resources will still have to respond to COR's property with public safety, infrastructure and engineering needs, but the City will not be receiving property taxes, it will be the County that receives the taxes. The city will be then given a currently undetermined amount of money from those taxes the County receives. Also associated with this is that, currently 42% of the City's property tax dollars go to SCSD (Syracuse City School District). So, in a way, COR is hurting our children by going to OCIDA.

Please contact the OCIDA Board Members and demand they decline COR's application for tax relief at the Inner Harbor development projects.

OCIDA Board Members

Dan Queri, Chair

Jessica Crawford

Victor Ianno

Janice Herzog

Lisa Dell

Patrick Hogan

Steve Morgan

Donna DeSiato

Mike Allen

Letters can be sent to the following physical address:
Onondaga County Industrial Development Agency
333 W. Washington Street, Suite 130
Syracuse, NY 13202

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