Shoe Leather Campaigning 5 Days Out

Ours is what they call a "shoe leather" campaign. There are no short cuts and the hours are long. We are tremendously grateful for each and every one of our 75+ donors. Thank you for believing in Frank! Please consider a donation today to make sure we have the resources needed to Get Out the Vote on Election Day! Especially if you haven't yet or if you are able to give a little more. To each according to our ability.


Frank and our team are working around the clock! Wednesday, we lunched at a public housing building and chatted with retirees in English and Spanish about what improvements they'd like to see in the community and we saw the beautiful collard greens neighbors are growing in their shared raised beds. Then, while Frank door knocked on Tipperary Hill (in the rain) our phonebanking team confirmed more supportive voters. We also snuck in some time reading the positive comments about Frank's campaign on syracuse.comThursday night when Frank gets out of work, we'll be knocking more doors followed by a meet-and-greet in the home of a supporter while our volunteer team continues outreach calls. All weekend, rain or shine, we'll be door knocking and building energy for a historic turnout for the Green Party on Election Day in Syracuse and the 2nd District. Friday night, we'll be taking a few hours "off" for the 4th Annual Green Halloween Party at the Cosmopolitan Building on W. Fayette St. (get your tickets here!) (and be sure to invite your friends!) When Frank wins the election, it'll be thanks to our collective hard work and community organizing.

If you've been following the campaign & have been wanting to support Frank and our team, this is it — the time is now! Volunteer with us this coming SaturdaySundayMonday, or Tuesday.

In case you missed Simone's email yesterday, here is how you can volunteer:

Election Day, November 3

We want to fill all our poll watcher slots (that's 12 people), have folks holding our campaign signs at busy street intersections during morning and afternoon rush hours (this is another 8-10 people). We need people for shifts large and small - from 90 minutes all the way to 6 hours. Naturally, coffee & tasty + nutritious local food will be yours. Please join now!

Doorknock This Last Weekend before Election Day!

11:00 am - 2:00 pm Saturday, Halloween Day (costume optional)
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm Saturday, Halloween Day (costume optional)
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm Sunday, November 1

We are doing one final neighborhood blitz with materials next weekend talking to voters at doors. Training, scripts, and materials are simple.  Seasonal snacks, warm beverages, smiles.

Phone Bank Outreach to Voters Sunday or Monday

Sunday night and Monday night, 11/1 and 11/2, we will be calling voters from 6 to 9 pm from Bitternut Homestead on the Near Westside (rideshares available). Sign up here, or email

Simone says, "the most fun and interesting thing about helping out Frank’s campaign for City Council has been talking to voters across the district. So many stories — a diverse group, young and old, in neighborhoods middle-class and distressed, such a wide range of perspectives and concerns.  I have been continuously surprised and gratified at how excited people are to learn about Frank’s message (and sometimes, to put a face and a candidacy to some of the things he’s done to make their neighborhood great, such as the urban food forests or the sidewalk snow-shoveling initiative)."

Thank you so much for all our support! 

Together, we can elect Frank to be our next 2nd District Councilor! 
-Ursula Rozum, Campaign Manager

P.S. Donations are necessary and gratefully accepted. Generous donors have really come through –– but we had some unexpected expenses this past week to fix our website and voter database. Luckily, we quickly assembled an intrepid team to fix it, and are back on track to be calling and doorknocking voters every day, but it took some resources. If you can —  Donate here.  Thanks so much to our existing donors who've made the campaign possible!

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.