Thank You for Everything, Onward to Election Day!

Thank you, with sincerity, from all of us at my campaign for District Councilor.  I am moved by your generosity and by your commitment to ending poverty and creating a Syracuse with opportunity and dignity for #AllOfUs.  

Our campaign is being noticed - did you see the national "Candidate to Watch" recognition from the United States Green Party? Displaying  Our campaign is making things happen - after our pro-active grassroots pressure , the Post-Standard will now be printing information about all of the city's Council races, when before it wasn't clear whether they would. And our campaign has the incumbent on the defensive - in his recent mailer to registered district voters, he felt the need to explain why we know him as the "Quiet Councilor" who has a reputation for doing little.

Because of you, the campaign is a great success - we are on track with our fundraising and volunteer recruitment goals. We were at it again today thanks to you - you paid for the literature we are handing out, you paid for the paper and ink we use to print our walk lists, you paid for the materials we used to make the buttons ourselves right here at Vote Cetera campaign HQ in the Near Westside.  

And now we are actively planning our Election Day strategies and activities - and this takes more money and more volunteers. We want to fill all our poll watcher slots (that's 12 people), have folks holding our campaign signs at busy street intersections during morning and afternoon rush hours (this is another 8-10 people), feed our volunteers healthy and nutritious food, and do one final neighborhood blitz with materials next weekend.  Please donate or volunteer, or if you have already given all you can give, perhaps you can recruit one of your friends, neighbors, family, or colleagues who share our values.

My belief is that to have true community you must hold values and responsibility in common - I am experiencing this right now with you.  You can support our movement-making effort here in Syracuse by volunteering!

For Dignity, Frank Cetera

P.S. Please join us for our 4th Annual Green Halloween Party on Friday October 30th to celebrate all of us and all of you as one team for dignity.

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