Tuesday: Speak Up for Jobs in Syracuse

Earlier this week, the Common Council voted to hold a hearing about the Local Hiring Ordinance that the Urban Jobs Task Force has been organizing for. The Public hearing will take place on Tuesday, October 6 at 5:30pm in the Common Council Chambers (233 E. Washington St. 3rd floor). 

It is critical that we fill up the Common Council Chambers with supporters of the local hiring ordinance. People opposed to this Resident Employment Ordinance will be there too, and we need to show that Syracuse residents are coming together to demand that our local government respond to our need for jobs. 

If you haven't yet, please sign and share the petition calling on the Common Council to pass a local hiring ordinance that would require contractors receiving city funds to hire at least 20% local workers.

Please come and speak about why you believe Syracuse needs a local hiring requirement for contractors receiving public money. You can speak for a point of view that relates to your own job search, or frustrations you've seen friends and family struggle with. You can connect your comments to concerns related to education, healthcare, housing - because everything is connected. What's most important is that we come together to speak up for jobs for our community. 

I'll be heading out to a meet & greet at a supporter's home on Townsend St after the hearing.  When I was scheduling the date with her, I asked what are the most important issues to you and your neighbors right now?  She said unhesitatingly - absentee landlords & JOBS!  Her friends and family are tired of scrapping for minimum wage part-time positions at fast food restaurants and retail positions at the mall - they want the opportunity to find a job that will support them, and their families, and their community. 

The mic will be open to everyone -- the city council works for you and needs to hear from you! If you plan to speak, you will need to sign in when you arrive to the Common Council Chambers. The Common Council will call the names in the order that they were written. They usually limit the time at the mic to 3 minutes or so.  But you can hand in written comments of any length. If you can’t come and you wanted to speak, you can submit a written comment and find someone to read or submit it for you.

Please attend on Tuesday, October 3 - whether you intend to speak or be a presence in support of economic justice. 

For Dignity, Frank

P.S. With just one month until Election Day, we are counting the days and counting on you!  Volunteer with our campaign team and help us get out the vote.  We won't win this election without volunteer help, there's just not enough hours ni the day to do it all ourselves.  Visit the campaign website and sign up to volunteer if you have not yet.

Want a Lawn Sign?  Let us know.  Host a house meet & greet?  Contact our team.  Willing to pass up that daily latte in favor of a regular coffee every day between now and Election Day?  Donate now.

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