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Cetera 2017: For A #SyracuseThatWorks

"I will be a leader in creating A CITY GOVERNMENT THAT WORKS well with each other as a governing body and with the residents, and that takes initiative in developing policy that is relevant and forward-thinking like my sidewalk municipalization proposal that will remove the high individual burden placed on residents with a shared solution for this shared infrastructure that is so important for our children as they walk to school, our residents as they walk to work, and our neighbors as they walk to shop for groceries and other necessities. I will also work to provide increased access to Council proceedings through a live streaming system in chambers. I look forward to working under incoming Council President Helen Hudson as she has proactively reached out and regularly communicated with me as a community and political leader following the 2015 election.

I will be a leader in creating A RELATIONSHIP THAT WORKS between our city, and the county and state, to facilitate worthwhile and well-thought out proactive economic development and shared prosperity without public bickering, such as changing from a regressive property tax to a progressive income tax - we want and need employees from the greater Syracuse metropolitan area to work in our city, and we will expect them to carry the shared responsibility of public infrastructure that supports their employers and jobs;

and lastly I will be a leader in creating A COMMUNITY THAT WORKS by increasing job opportunities through cooperative and worker-owned business development, increased workforce training, hiring policies that favor city residents, and short-term “CityWorks” placements for city beautification - such as trash pick-up - that will act as an employment pipeline to getting our residents gainfully employed. I will also increase the breadth and effectiveness of the Tomorrows Neighborhoods Today organization that will provide an increased voice for every resident, employee, business owner, and landowner in Syracuse, thus creating an informed and knowledgeable base of residents who can work with our elected officials in a positive way."



2015 TEXT:

A vote for Frank Cetera is a #voteForDignity and a #SyracuseThatWorks.

I support the Green Part of Onondaga County local platform which is broad yet detailed, grassroots yet informed by experience and research, and 

End high poverty. Frank supports raising wages so working families can have a dignified life. He believes economic development must support local businesses and cooperatives. Companies receiving tax-breaks should be required to hire city residents. Schools must be fully-funded so all students have the opportunity to succeed.

Safe Streets, Safe Neighborhoods. To end crime and violence, we must end poverty and create economic opportunities. We must develop better community and police relationships. We can make our streets safer by slowing traffic, developing pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, and better lighting. We need a citywide plan to remove sidewalk snow. We must also stop explosive oil trains from crossing our city.

Make our community Healthier and Stronger. Frank supports more public gardens and community food forests with fruit trees and berries. In addition to making our city healthier, community gardens promote collaboration among neighbors. Frank has led the transformation of five unused Syracuse green spaces into productive fruit and vegetable gardens.  City government must be more accessible and responsive to city residents, being proactive and not just reactive to the issues we all face.

Save our Public Schools. We must demand that New York State provide the resources that are owed to Syracuse to fully fund our schools and public services. We need smaller class sizes and more adults in the public schools working directly with students. We must ensure safe and productive environments so that our teachers and our children to succeed.

Celebrate Syracuse.  Embrace our uniqueness as the snowiest city in America and the 5th snowiest in the world by holding the best winter festival that this country has ever seen!  Showcase the arts, music and ethnic cultures that make us a melting-pot and the Central City of New York.


SCHOOL & NEIGHBORHOOD SAFETY Our police officers should be trained and dispatched in community policing including bicycle and foot patrols to improve police-community relations. And to further this, I will work to convert our struggling and underutilized schools into neighborhood hubs that offer more intensive and comprehensive wrap-around services to address educational and social-emotional needs of our neighborhoods - including youth recreation after-school and on weekends.

LIVING WAGE & RESIDENT JOBS I am the only candidate who has openly and fully spoken in support of the $15 living wage. I will continue my work to create a program for businesses to voluntarily adopt the $15 living wage, while advocating to the state for home rule to raise our minimum wage across the board for all employers. Our campaign has also worked with the Urban Jobs Task Force and collected over 200 petition signatures, during our campaign canvassing, to create an ordinance that will require contractors of city public works jobs to higher at least 20% of employees from city residents.

PARKING & WINTER SNOW PLOWING I propose we reduce the the number of times needed to switch sides each week to only twice - 3 days odd and 4 days even. This will save many of us from having to pay those odd-even tickets and reduce traffic policing costs; it will ease the ability to travel narrow neighborhood streets by reducing the days per week that cars are parked across from each other during the 6 pm transition period; and will also make for an easier job of plowing snow by reducing obstacles when plows come through.

ABSENTEE LANDLORDS & PROPERTY MANAGEMENT This issue cuts across all neighborhoods in our district. If our infrastructure such as roads and water lines are the bones of our neighborhoods, our houses and landscape are the face and heart. I’d like to work to implement a property manager registration program that will require regular reporting to neighborhood representatives, and will work with the codes office to make sure that absentee landlords who are not being responsible property owners are held to the strictest scrutiny.

SPEEDING VEHICLES I know a speeding car or two from living on the Near Westside’s Otisco St. The police are unable to do anything because the perpetrators are long gone by the time the patrol arrives. I propose to install speed humps on all extended length stretches of street longer than one block where there is not currently any speed control infrastructure such as stop signs in place. There are two green streets being installed in Syracuse which will contain speed humps and will be useful as precedent for increasing these installations (different from speed bumps in that they have a gentler slope, allowing snow plows to navigate them while clearing the streets).

COMMON COUNCIL COMMUNICATION You’ve said that there is not enough communication from your current common council members, and I agree. I will initiate a bi-weekly email update corresponding with Council meetings that will be sent to those who wish to receive it. We’ll make sure to follow-up with citizens about the ramifications of new legislation, reminders about odd/even parking changes, and special events such as important meeting dates - right in your own in-box or mailbox. Think of it as public service announcements from your elected representatives.

COMMUNITY BUDGET CONTROL I will empower everyone by implementing a participatory budgeting ordinance in Syracuse that would dedicate up to 20% of the municipal budget to citizens themselves to identify, discuss, and prioritize spending as they see fit, giving each of us the power to make real decisions about how public funds are used in our community.

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