We've done the math. Do you have an evening?

Volunteer today! Be a phone bank superstar!
Dear Vote Cetera 2015 Frank, 

Thank you for reading this email. If you have two hours between now and election day, I’m writing to ask for your help.

Frank and the Green Party – and I hope you as well – believe that government should serve the needs of all-- the poor, the working class, not just the well-connected. 

But the people of Syracuse’s Second District are disenfranchised. Going door to door these last few months, I’ve seen it.  In the struggle for survival, the city council has not been there for them – not to support local employment, nor to address crime, syringe cleanup, sidewalk snow. Because of this, fewer than 20% of voters turn out for these elections.

The silver lining to this is, that it means an opportunity for us to get a radical candidate like Frank on the council, and co-create a Syracuse that works for #AllOfUs. If we can turn out just 1,250 voters for Frank Cetera on Election Day, we can win – and get a welcome break from the party machine that runs this town!

Thanks to our intrepid volunteers, we have distributed our lovely informative doorhanger to nearly every single registered voter in the district!

Now, I’m asking you help us make phone calls to voters
 --  to identify supporters, turn them out on election day & encourage them to support Frank with lawn signs, donations, or time.  With just 85 hours of phone calls, we can call all of District 2’s voters and win. That’s ten two-hour volunteer shifts a week. With a growing team of awesome people, we are on our way. But we need you. Please sign up for a phone shift at this form. (On a side note, there is a strong chance of meeting fun folks & eating delicious snacks!)

If the team phone night times don’t work for you, email simone@votecetera.org - you can always write with questions or ideas. If you need to call from home, write simone@votecetera.org. I’ll get you the materials & support you need.

Election day is 5 weeks from today. If you’ve considered joining us, the time is now.

Thanks for supporting a Syracuse for #AllOfUs!

In solidarity,


P.S. As always, donations large or small are welcomed with gratitude!

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.