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  • commented 2015-11-13 14:26:34 -0500
    I had just left a detailed voice-mail message at the above main phone #. Once I called it I then realized it was the cell phone #. I know with some other campaign offices the listed phone # is to a staff office. I’m sorry if I caught you off guard and that my message went fully to the end of the recording. Mostly I emphasized the importance of continuing to run again in the future. What I have been doing is promoting many of the city council and also some assembly races throughout the northeast. By being on Facebook I know that Mr. Cetera garnered just below 21% of the vote last Tuesday. The reason I have been following up with so many of the races in the region: other council and/or assembly races by the Green Party among NY, MA, PA, my home state of NJ, and several others is because I know the only way to defeat the Democrat Machine is to keep running the same race multiple times. Only then will the voters come to realize that they do have a true alternative instead of voting for ’the lesser of two evils" Democrat because they will see the continued determination to win. I hope to hear from you and how I can best help with both this campaign and other similar local races in the future.

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